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This trip has involved much freaking of mundanes.  This evening… - delta_november

Apr. 14th, 2012

07:14 pm

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This trip has involved much freaking of mundanes.  This evening I was called on to perform a literal elevator pitch for steampunk.  "Why is everybody wearing goggles?" a person asks as we step into the elevator on the 1st floor.  I don't think he had received a satisfactory explanation by the time we stepped out on the 3rd.

Things at the con are generally awesome.  In contrast to all my previous experience, the food has been amazing.  Last night was a supper intended to recreate the last dinner for first class passengers on The Titanic.  The food was all prepared by the hotel kitchen, but to custom recipes.  It was amazing, and I desire more Waldorf Pudding in my life.  This afternoon was a high tea.  There are some aspects that they don't quite understand -- the actual tea serving ritual baffles them -- but they try earnestly.  The sandwiches, scones and so-forth were first rate.

For me, the most heartwarming story of the day was from one of the authors, shilling his first novel written after a career in the US Navy.  He reports that he met LGBT folks for the very first time at a recent steampunk con, and his prejudices of a lifetime were shattered.  We make the world a better place, one step at a time.


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Date:April 16th, 2012 02:35 am (UTC)

We were in Markham. Which, oddly enough, is waaayyyy more foreign in feel. There are rules in Markham about how many lollipops you can buy. Seriously. Also, I decided that traffic laws don't apply. Because it's Markham.
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