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The state of the jeep report - delta_november

Dec. 28th, 2006

09:45 pm - The state of the jeep report

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I was able to get a good deal of Jeep-tinkering done over the Christmas break.

For those just joining, the vehicle in question is an M38A1CDN3 that has not moved in about 15 years. In the summer I took out the rotted gas tank and had it rebuilt. This trip I sanded and painted the driver's side floor and replaced the tank. The engine turns over on the starter, the spark is strong, and one or two cylinders occasionally catch but it doesn't want to run. Suspicion now falls on the fuel pump. The fuel filter isn't being properly filled. More worrisome, more fuel is entering the pump than is leaving. I strongly suspect that it's being dumped into the oil pan.

The pump has been removed, and I'll rebuild it over the next few months. I suspect this may become a pattern: rebuilding the M38A1 in bite-sized chunks that I can easily transport between cities.

I felt very pagan as I made the mechanic's traditional sacrifice of the skin of my knuckles on Christmas day. Little drops of red blood on the green rocker cover go right back to the roots of the season. And when the sun comes back, maybe the engine will start :).