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The French are revolting! - delta_november

Apr. 6th, 2006

08:41 pm - The French are revolting!

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Zritten in hqste; on qn Europeqn keyboqrd: I leqve the trqnslqtion up to you:

Pqris is q very interesting plqce to be todqy: I cqn recount only zhqt I hqve seen zith ,y ozn eyes: Iù, sure the nezs zill hqve qnother spin on things: It stqrted zith students protesting int he streets: Lots of college kids singing; dqncing; qnd blocking trqffic: Generqlly hqr,less; but nothing could ,ove: Then; so,ezhqt ,ore qbitious folks sqt dozn on the trqin trqcks qt Gqre de Nord: The police could not reqch the,; becquse the roqds zere blocked: Fro, zhqt Iùve seen; it ended peqcefully; but it zqs q close thing: There qre q lot of qr,ed qnd qngry young ,en in the tozn tonight: I pqssed qn un,qrked Police cqr stuck in trqffic this qfternoon: Qll of the zindozs zere open: The tzo reqr)seqt pqssengers zere holding pistols in tzo)hqnded grips; pointed to the left qnd right: The front seqt pqssenger hqd qn S?G out the zindoz: They zere cleqrly expecting qn qttqck fro, qny auqrter: Qr,ed soldiers pqtrol the city in groups of three; zith regulqr co,bqt 9not riot0 geqr: Exciting1

To,orroz I qtte,pt the escqpe fro, Pqris: If the trqins still run I cqn get out to Brussels; qnd fro, there to London: Zish ,e luck :)


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Date:April 6th, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC)
> Written in haste; on an European keyboard: I leave the translation up to you:


Paris is a very interesting place to be today: I can recount only what I have seen with my own eyes: I’m sure the news will have another spin on things: It started with students protesting in the streets: Lots of college kids singing; dancing; and blocking traffic: Generally harmless; but nothing could move: Then; somewhat more ambitious folks sat down on the train tracks at Gare de Nord: The police could not reach them; because the roads were blocked: From what I’ve seen; it ended peacefully; but it was a close thing: There are a lot of armed and angry young men in the town tonight: I passed an unmarked Police car stuck in traffic this afternoon: All of the windows were open: The two rear)seat passengers were holding pistols in two-handed grips; pointed to the left and right: The front seat passenger had an S?G out the window: They were clearly expecting an attack from any quarter: Armed soldiers patrol the city in groups of three; with regular combat (not riot) gear: Exciting!

Tomorrow I attempt the escape from Paris: If the trains still run I can get out to Brussels; and from there to London: Wish me luck :)

wow. interesting times. i hope the rest of your adventure is enjoyable and relatively safe, and that you come home happy and in one piece. :)

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Date:June 22nd, 2007 09:38 am (UTC)


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