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And so it begins - delta_november

Apr. 1st, 2006

12:00 am - And so it begins

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The vacation properly began on Saturday. Or possibly on Friday, when I decided I didn't want to hear about the latest hardware failure and walked out of the office confident that my minions could fix it.

Today was Ad Astra: Toronto's big sci-fi convention. Last year I had worn a hall-costume of a variety of renn-faire bits and pieces (including a kilt), and was sucked into the masquerade. This year I did the much less original, but substantially warmer, lots-of-black-leather. jo_etal wore a renn skirt and corset ensemble and was much complemented.

Ad Astra is much more expensive than I remembered it being, at something like $45 for the one day. Next year I shall have to find a panel to talk on so I can save myself some money.

Good times were had by all. Much schmoozing and playing Apples to Apples with likeminded folks. Some good filking. The odd instructive panel. An invitation to an exclusive room party that sadly had to be declined due to tomorrow's plans. While I knew very few people there, it still feels like home just to be surrounded by fandom.