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Auckland - delta_november

Dec. 18th, 2009

03:17 pm - Auckland

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I got on the first plane at 1400 on Wednesday. I stepped off the last plane at 0600 on Friday. It's now 1500, I've just taken a shower, and humanity is slowly restoring itself.

Travel went well, if unavoidably long. We took the shuttle bus downtown, dropped our bags at our lodgings (Aspen House) and wandered off to the Auckland museum to kill time. The museum was interesting, even if I'm not in the best state to absorb right now. There was a natural history gallery presenting the traditional Maori taxonomy. Just as they have oral tradition of human family trees going back to the first canoes, so they have oral traditions of relationships between living things. Kauri trees and sperm whales are closely related in the family of big things.

At 1400 we could finally check into our room. The plan is to take a bit of a nap, and then shop for supplies and find some supper. Tomorrow we get the car and hit the road. The left side of the road. Yielding to oncoming traffic that is turning right when we want to turn left. It'll be glorious.