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Traveller Rationalization - delta_november

Jan. 24th, 2010

05:48 pm - Traveller Rationalization

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Today, for the first time in decades, I parted with some Traveller books. Over the years I had picked up seven of the GURPS Traveller supplements, though I have never had the base GURPS Traveller book or even GURPS itself.  The covers were pretty, the production values were good, but they always seemed like lifeless lists of rules.  Now I have extra space on my bookshelves, and a whole $45 in store credit at the local comics dive.

Looking at what I enjoy in Traveller, I'm most struck by the Keith brothers era.  If it's not at least 20 years old I'm not sure it belongs in my collection.

With the GURPS gone I'm now only carrying four distinct sets: Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller, Traveller: The New Era, and Marc Miller's Traveller (T4).  I can probably get rid of the last two.   TNE never did anything for me, and I only own the base book and Striker II.  I gave T4 a fair shot and have most of the books but I can't imagine why I'd play that when there's Classic available.  I'm not sure what I'll do with them.  If I knew a deserving child who could be bootstrapped up into gamerdom I'd gladly hand over the T4 stack as it's self-contained.

And now I'm psyched to play again.  I've had good success with one-shot games nights, and I think a one-off Traveller night some time this spring may be in the cards.