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 Yesterday night was Nuit Blanche.  We mounted a fairly successful expedition, by virtue of new rules of engagement.  If an exhibit failed to attract our attention in the first 15 seconds we threw it over for the next.  The approximate trail of destruction:

South down Dovercourt to Queen, and then West.  Admired the big Gargamel painting -- no idea if that was NB sanctioned or not.  Visited the open house at Wicked [NSFW].  Walked into the lobby of the Drake Hotel, but it failed the 15 second test.  The Gladstone fared better, with the second floor space divided into a dozen little installations.  These included balloon sculpture, plastic coat-hanger sculpture, a woman shredding a multi-volume encyclopedia page by page, a huge mirror to write on with lipstick, and other frivolities.  The third floor had artwork hung in the hallways -- I pity the hotel guests trying to sleep!  The Not Far From The Tree folks were making cider on the ground floor, but none was ready.

At this point we turned off Queen down to Liberty Village.  The goal was Flux and Fire, an interactive flame sculpture.  Big pillars of flame never disappoint!  It seemed to take a lot of pilot-light maintenance between runs, making it problematic for zombie defense.  But rather than griping I should probably just pitch in and make it better.  Nearby was an intriguing dance/performance exhibit.  A little further on was the lamest use of shipping containers I've seen at Nuit Blanche yet.  In prior years we've had hotels and forests inside.  Now we just hang canvas on two sides, and a sponsor's ad on the third?

Returning north we passed through Trinity Bellwoods Park.  The playground at the south end failed the 15 second test.  Roasted a marshmallow at the camp fire.  Ho hum.  But the north end held our attention.  We must have spent 20 minutes watching the Company Blonde Dance Project.  A couple dozen dancers, all in identical blond wigs and red evening gowns performing improvised robotic action.  It was like a little corner of the Great Modron March.

Also at the top of the park was a group of bell ringers (from my old tower-bell days I regret I must sneer and hand-bells) and a group building a dry-stone tower.  It was 5' high when I left, and I wish I could have seen its completion.

And that was all.  Looking at the reviews, I think I did quite well.  I would have liked to have made it to Hart House, but Nuit Blanche is all about regret.

Today was even more art.  This weekend the AGO was free for ROM members.  Not only was it free, but member-privileges were extended.  I ate lunch at the members' cafe.  Very very civilized!  I may have to join, or upgrade my ROM membership to Grand Poobah (Patron) level which gives me reciprocal rights at AGO.

And now, I am flattened.  I have 16 resumes to read through, and presumably some interviews to schedule, before I'm allowed to sleep.  [Trivia for those interested.  A job ad for an engineering position has, from those who's names are clear, received resumes only from male candidates.]  But I can also look forward to the new Time Team tonight.

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