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E-waste pt II - delta_november

Oct. 18th, 2010

09:01 pm - E-waste pt II

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 I figured that since Chuck and Vince were coming to my house for the printers and scanner, I might as well gather up the rest of my unneeded electronics.  From the basement junk bin I have uncovered:

I feel terribly virtuous.  I'm still holding on to far too much telephone and Ethernet cable, but that's okay.  Cable doesn't go obsolete, and can always be re-purposed.  But when again in my life am I going to plug a telephone into a wall and call somebody?

I gave my HAM radio a long, meaningful stare.  It's moderately broken, and I haven't used it in a decade.  But we all have to keep some baggage with us to remind us where we came from.  I do need to find somebody worthy to give my old HP48G to, otherwise I have a hard time justifying its continued existence.