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Half way through the dark - delta_november

Dec. 25th, 2010

11:47 pm - Half way through the dark

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Last year today found me and jo_etal  in Wellington, New Zealand.  General details for the trip start here, and Christmas day is here.  But I never did write about our Christmas dinner.

We had splurged on a very nice hotel in Wellington for Christmas, and had planned to go out for a nice meal, but almost everything was closed.  We were left with a choice between a take-out kebab shop or a very expensive prix-fix dinner at the hotel restaurant which contained a number of foods that we didn't particularly care for.  We chose the third path, and ordered room service.  

She had a steak, and I had a burger.  As I recall the whole meal was about $100, and we ate it snuggled in bed watching the downloaded Doctor Who Christmas Special on a 11" netbook screen.  Burgers in New Zealand are a serious affair, and this one had a fried egg on top.

This year we're in Toronto but we thought we'd keep the tradition alive.  Here is what we came up with.  My burger with egg, tomato, cheddar and Brie was excellent.

As we ate we watched the downloaded Doctor Who Christmas Special, on a TV of respectable size.  All in all, a very pleasant Christmas.  And this year we don't have to get on a ship first-thing Boxing Day!