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Hackers gotta hack - delta_november

May. 25th, 2011

08:24 pm - Hackers gotta hack

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When was chatting with probabilistic a few days ago about modifying my old HAM radio's transmit frequencies, I said something to the effect that I was about 20 years old at the time, and was affronted by being locked out of certain (illegal) capabilities of the device that I owned.  The implication was that I've grown out of that sort of foolishness.

Clearly not.  I bought a Tektronix DPO2014 oscilloscope this week.  The 'scope has a little slot to accept upgrade keys which unlock particular features.  The keys sell for ~$700 each, and I had assumed they contained some sort of fancy crypto-widget.  But apparently not.  Apparently the key contains an I2C EEPROM that simply contains the number of the feature to unlock.

And so now I feel compelled to make my very own skeleton key.  This is financially ridiculous, as it will cost me far more in time (as measured in bill-out rate) than it would to just buy the things.  It's ethically dubious.  But there's no question that it's what I have to do.