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The wedding was survived, with no lasting heat stroke.  Very… - delta_november

Jul. 18th, 2011

12:16 am

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The wedding was survived, with no lasting heat stroke.  Very nice ceremony, very happy couple, all good.

We had fun with the gift for this one.  The invitation said "No boxed gifts please".  A little research shows that this is traditional Indian cultural boilerplate, meaning "cash would be welcome".  That's entirely reasonable, but unfortunately I come from a culture where it is inappropriate to give cash as a wedding gift to people who are not family.

I'm sure nobody would have been upset if we had just given a card, but I wanted to give something of value.  So the question was, what can I put in an envelope that has value, but is not cash or cash-equivalent.  There are lots of possibilities, of course.  I chose to simply write the couple a short note, using a diamond scribe, on a plate of platinum-iridium.  At some point in the future they can reuse the metal to make something pretty.

The real fun, I expect, will be tomorrow when they crack out the calipers and microbalances to try to assay this mysterious chunk of metal.  With a specific density of 21.53 it should be fairly easy for them to identify.  Short of pure iridium (I looked, but couldn't source it in time) or osmium (poisonous) this is the densest material on earth.