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Today we fly back home. We spend one last leisurely morning… - delta_november

Apr. 11th, 2006

12:00 am

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Today we fly back home. We spend one last leisurely morning wandering the main street of Leiden to the train station, and then head off to the airport. The airport itself has a small art museum, which I highly recommend.

I had booked emergency exit row seats on the Internet, and was confident in a comfortable flight. However, as we go to board the aircraft the crew tells me that an extremely tall couple had requested an emergency exit row, and would we possibly switch. Being the generally nice person that I am, I agreed. I was less than pleased when I met these people (they were sitting just a few rows ahead) looked them in the eye, and informed them that they were both shorter than I. It's not their fault, really, but the airline folks really ought to have done better.

All is not lost, though. I ended up with a right side window seat a little behind the wing. The view was wonderful. I spent most of the eight hour flight with my nose up against the glass. We flew over the Faroe islands, then Iceland, then Greenland. Iceland in particular was magnificient. Who wants to come with me on an Iceland adventure some time?

Whe then passed over a vast expanse of sea ice before we hit Labrador. It was all incredibly beautiful, and probably best viewed from the comfortably warm cabin of the 747-400.