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Feed the world, smash the state - delta_november

Sep. 1st, 2011

06:08 pm - Feed the world, smash the state

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Here's a little something that may be of interest to Canadian readers. For every dollar that you donate to a charity providing famine aid in East Africa (MSF, Oxfam, or other group of your choice), the Canadian Government will give CIDA a dollar for its East Africa Drought Relief fund. Note that it's not a direct doubling of your contribution. I.e. if you give $1 to Oxfam, the Canadian government doesn't give $1 to Oxfam, but they commit to spending $1 on humanitarian projects in East Africa. This deal expires on Sept 16, so you don't have a whole lot of time.

The Canadian Government commitment is completely open ended. Eligible donations must be from private individuals (not companies) and are limited to $100,000 per person. If 30 million Canadians each donate $100,000 each, we will force the government to commit $3 trillion. This is twice our GDP, and will cause the downfall of the state and make all our anarchist dreams come true.

I'm going to move my annual year-end MSF contribution up to this month to take advantage of the deal. Maybe you'd like to help me bankrupt the nation?