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Do one thing each day that scares you: Check. Bad weather has… - delta_november

Nov. 7th, 2011

09:03 pm

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Do one thing each day that scares you: Check.

Bad weather has grounded the FIGAS aircraft today, so I have an unexpected extra 24 hours (at least!) here on Carcass Island.  I have just come back from an expedition (on foot, sans Land Rover and rifle) to see if I could find some more elephant seals.  Yesterday I saw 5 or 6.

The ocean comes up to a beach, which is either rocky, pebbly or sandy.  Above this are typically dunes, and the dunes are covered in tussock grass.  The tussock is taller than I am, and has very narrow passages between clumps.  It sometimes also opens up into clearings of some size.  The sky today is grey and without any obvious directional clues.  It's easy to get lost in the tussock grass maze.

Today, I learned that the tussock grass is also full of sleeping elephant seals.  I almost stepped on a couple.  Considering they are huge, territorial and violent, this would not have been good.  There was much very slow sneaking around, looking, listening and smelling for seals.  Like a live-action game of Wumpus.

Point-blank range photos will be included in the great gallery when I return.  Today's elephant seal tally is at least 50.

Today's other discovery: a Series I 80" Land Rover tucked away in a peat shed.  It's a little ratty, but apparently it still runs.


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Date:November 7th, 2011 09:49 pm (UTC)
That is so awesome. I mean, not the danger part, but getting to see seals. Love the penguin photo too :)

D and I are about to head down to Connecticut for a short visit. We're going to see Arlo Guthrie but I'll bet there won't be any seals.

Any albatross yet? :)
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Date:November 8th, 2011 10:13 am (UTC)
Yes, all the albatross. All the black-browed albatross, anyhow. They're sitting on eggs this time of year, so unfortunately I didn't see any of the goofy-looking juveniles.

Enjoy the Guthrie! There may not be any seals, but be sure to count the stop signs, police officers, and police cars. And the number of 8x10 colour glossy photos... :)
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Date:November 8th, 2011 05:43 pm (UTC)
Arlo Guthrie is playing in CT? No seals no, and probably not an S1. If you happen to be here around Thanksgiving I know where there will be a big number of Rover nuts. And there is a good penguin pile at Mystic Aquarium, but I've never seen one in the wild.
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Date:November 8th, 2011 06:01 pm (UTC)
Yes, in New London on Thursday (http://www.arlo.net/) - looks like there are still tickets.

I love the Mystic Aquarium! Last time I was there they had a stingray touch pool.
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