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Vrooom! - delta_november

Dec. 10th, 2011

01:48 am - Vrooom!

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I drove 30 km in the M38A1 today, and things went surprisingly well.  Since some snow was forecast I put up the roof canvas, but left the side curtains and doors off.  Even though it's cold that way, I prefer to have a good deal of ventilation as a little bit of exhaust does make its way into the cabin.

According to my chase car (which has a working speedometer) I topped out at 84 km/h on the highway.  At that point I ran into some steering shimmy and decided not to push it any farther.  I still had throttle travel left at that point.  The placarded do-not-exceed speed is 97 km/h.  Not bad at all.  The engine continues to have problems maintaining a steady idle, but it doesn't lack for oomph with the throttle open.