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I've been having a great time reading this document.… - delta_november

Jul. 21st, 2012

05:45 pm

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I've been having a great time reading this document.  It's the daily log for the electrical power system team building the LM-5 lunar module. [Via boingboing]

The engineers seem to have spent a lot of time waiting for QC -- this belies our modern idea that spacecraft QA only became difficult after the golden days of Apollo.  There is a continual battle to establish which of their two miliohmeters is actually in calibration.  There is grousing over paycheques not being available for the night shift workers.  There is much mention of missed lunches.  Except for the unironic use of the word "man", this could be the log book from any modern project.

Favourite quote:
"Discovered that panel 8 explosive devices stage seq relays SYS A and SYS B were on."
"The bus loading was about 25 amps all night."

[No, I have no idea what any of this means in context.  I'm not a LM expert.]