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I'm back from Utah, and on the road to recovery.  It's… - delta_november

Aug. 20th, 2012

08:44 am

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I'm back from Utah, and on the road to recovery.  It's been a good year.  Realizing that I can sometimes leave my trade-show booth unattended and the world will not end definitely helps.  I'm far more relaxed, and it lets me better throttle my meager store of sociability.

There were a number of firsts this year.  I ate at Angies four times, including a covert 6 AM breakfast meeting, which is definitely a record.  I was lucky enough to be invited home for dinner by an actual Logan resident -- even when travelling it's a rare to see how other people really live.  I explored Logan by night, and discovered the straight-out-of-Scoobie-Doo abandoned roller rink.

 While I recover from the inevitable exhaustion and emotional damage, I have the certain knowledge that I am well loved.  I'll close with a picture of the amazing Spiral Jetty.  The water really is that amazing violet colour.