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My engine timing light from eBay arrived today.  I had… - delta_november

Oct. 21st, 2012

07:21 pm

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My engine timing light from eBay arrived today.  I had static-timed the engine to TDC, and that's exactly where it was at idle.  I've advanced it to 5 degrees, and it seems happy there.  Idle is now 600 RPM, though I should probably futz with the mixture to get it as smooth as possible.

Now I can put the heater back in, tighten everything down, and be ready for winter!  Well, as ready for winter as a truck with no doors can be...


Date:October 22nd, 2012 03:04 pm (UTC)
I just got the pickup top on the Rover. Hopefully it will not be freezing this winter either. Engine wise it runs better now that I filled the 1/4" hole in the carb. Seems I forgot a brass plug when I rebuilt it. Whoops...
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