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Back from adventure - delta_november

Aug. 20th, 2013

11:02 am - Back from adventure

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I'm now back from my latest adventure. It spanned 12 days, and 9 flights, and I think I'm still dizzy. I shall attempt to reconstruct my itinerary here:

August 7: Fly from YYZ to LAX. Walk down Redondo Beach, see sealions, eat good food.
August 8: Constructive business meetings in LA. Fly from LAX to SLC. Meet up with probabilistic and D, and drive to Logan.
August 9: Make my way to the airport (KLGU) for a check-ride to see if they want to let me take airplanes on my own.  After a tedious hour on the ground, writing out emergency procedures like I'm in detention, I get up in the air.  The instructor teaches me canyon turns.  I now feel prepared to face the mountains.

Following lunch, I take probabilistic and D for a flight.  We noodle around west of Logan, not wanting to challenge the aircraft's ceiling with three adults onboard in the afternoon hot air.  D's fancy GPS wristwatch records the following. probabilistic has the wheel on the south-west leg until the sharp left turn.  We took off on runway 35, and landed on 10.
Flight 2013-08-09 - Google
Flight 2013-08-09 - Elevation
August 10-11: I'm at the conference.  My mouth runs away from me, as usual, and I say things that will probably get me in trouble one day.
August 12: I blow off the conference in the morning and take JPE flying.  With a lightly loaded plane we make a run for Bear Lake Idaho.  Our peak altitude is 11,700'.  Since we're only allowed 30 minutes above 10,000' without oxygen, we keep a tight eye on the stopwatch.  Ironically JPE has had hypoxia training as part of his zero-G research, but doesn't know how to fly a plane.  I'm a pilot, but get bad altitude sickness.  Bear Lake looks something like this:
August 13: Conference.  I deliver a paper which appears to be well received.  Parties are attended, which fail to match the glories of parties past.  I duck out early, so that I will not be fatigued for the next day's flying.
August 14: More conference.  Students are given cheques.  KS and I abandon our exhibits, and steal an hour for flying (meeting Logan's cutest cab driver in the process).  We look something like this.  I'm pretty sure one of us is paying at least nominal attention to flying the plane.
IMG_20130814_174530_945 (1)
The evening moves to The White Owl, as it inevitably must.  Amidst the general hilarity of an Air Force veteran being suspiciously carded, and of KS misplacing her driver's license and having to use her concealed weapon permit, Get Bit made an appearance.
August 15: Tidy up exhibits, say our goodbyes, and drive north to Idaho Falls. The eponymous falls are man-made, in the center of town, constructed to give them something to be proud of.
August 16: Visit Idaho National Labs with KS and Co.  They are doing some really nifty work on little RTGs.  I am sternly reminded that even if I can fish the Apollo 13 RTGs out of the Indian Ocean, they will still belong to the DOE.  Fly from IDA to SLC, and then to YYC.  Meet jo_etal a little before midnight.
August 17: Spend the morning at The Sentrybox.  Nothing will prepare you for the size and awesome of this games store.  I found an old Traveller book for $2 (The Best of JTAS 1-4) which I bought.  With great effort I did not buy the microprint AD&D Manual of the Planes.  The afternoon was the wedding of MM and AM.  They have adorably combined their last names into M.  It was all good, but I had to bail early due to general exhaustion.
August 18: Post-wedding brunch, with all the food.  Then fly YYC to YYZ.  Dinner at Tim Horton's, and then all the sleep.