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Significant Events Report - delta_november

Oct. 7th, 2013

07:36 pm - Significant Events Report

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I've been quiet here for a while, but a few things have happened in recent days and they justify some reporting.

On Thursday my 3D printer arrived.  It's sitting on a table in the lab, next to our old 2D printer.  The 1D printer is on order...

I got the Formlabs Form1.  So far it looks good.  Packaging and hardware quality is good.  Setup is trivial, and we got the first article printing within an hour of receiving the box.  The actual print is slow.  It took 2.5 hours to complete the sample butterfly hairclip.  When finished, the clip mechanism was fused and unusable.  I will have to explore other prints of moving parts and see whether this is a recurring problem.

I have no idea if this thing will recoup its investment, but it is fun.  The laser light show is pretty.