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Majorca photos - delta_november

Jun. 7th, 2014

07:47 am - Majorca photos

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LJ albums seem to have come back (where did they go?) so here are a few snaps from my week in Majorca.

This was my view from my hotel room balcony.  Beyond the right margin is a small sandy beach.  The left connects to a larger bay, and then the ocean.

I blew off the last day of the conference to do some sight seeing.  Here I've hiked west along the coast to a conservation area.  The beaches are too covered in sun loungers to be considered pristine, and the waters are full of yatchs, but that's the price we pay for having people enjoy the area.

Sandy beaches are the anomaly.  Most of the coastline is karst limestone.  This boat house has been excavated from the landscape.

Here are the Caves of Drach, which is fun to say.  It has to be the prettiest show cave I've ever been in.  Many show caves' attempts at dramatic lighting are just annoying, but this really worked.

Translucent flowstone curtain in the caves.