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What I did in my summer holiday - delta_november

Aug. 10th, 2014

01:36 pm - What I did in my summer holiday

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Last Friday, together with my intrepid navigator probabilistic, I set out to fly to a conference in Logan Utah.  Our outbound route was:

- Toronto City, ON (start)
- Port Huron, MI (clear customs)
- Straight across the middle of Lake Michigan at 8500', wearing life jackets in heavy haze.
- Fort Dodge, IA (fuel stop)
- Gordon, NB (shelter from turbulence)
- Casper, WY (overnight stop)
- Logan, UT (final destination)

A week later we came back.  We were delayed a little in Logan, giving a 9 year-old girl who was plane-spotting at the airport her first ride in a small plane.  She was very happy, and it was entirely worth it.

Return route was:
- Logan, UT (start)
- Gillette, WY (fuel stop, with adventure into town in staff car for food)
- Past Devil's Tower, WY for photos
- Sisseton, SD (shelter from low cloud)
- St Cloud, MN (overnight stop)
- Sawyer, MI (fuel stop)
- Sault Ste Marie, ON (clear customs)
- Toronto City, ON (final destination)

This is a lot of flying.  Last night I was so exhausted, I left my house keys in the front door all night.  Today, J is off for a much needed week in cottage country with friends.  She still has medical appointments every few days, so I will be flying her back and forth to Toronto.  Once that's all done, the plane will go back to Waterloo for its summer oil change and general maintenance.  Now I'm on my own, trying to remember what people do on weekends when they are not at conferences.