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New Wheels - delta_november

May. 10th, 2015

07:12 pm - New Wheels

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I have some new wheels...

J's 2002 Jeep TJ has served us very well, but it's getting old and has developed some electrical problems in addition to rust.  About a month ago I went to the Jeep dealer to buy a new one.  I wanted to buy a Wrangler Rubicon with locking differentials, but was informed that it was absolutely impossible to get one without power locks and windows, XM radio, and a big screen in the middle of the dashboard.  I gave up, and purchased a Wrangler Sport with air conditioning, big tires and the towing package.

This left me with a pile of surplus money.  It looked something like this, with Wee Rex for scale. [Note to Internet burglars: I no longer have this money.  Sorry.]

I took that money, which is what I would have paid Jeep for locking differentials, and just bought myself a locking differential with a new truck attached.  It looks like this:
It's a Canadian Forces 1985 Bombardier Iltis.  I took it for its first drive today, and can testify that it is stupidly loud.  More adventures will surely follow.
Sadly we only have enough parking for two trucks, so the M38A1 has gone on to a new home.  Here it is, being trailered away.