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I am reading Ada Palmer's new book, Too Like The Lightning.… - delta_november

Jun. 26th, 2016

07:43 pm

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I am reading Ada Palmer's new book, Too Like The Lightning.  About 100 pages in, it is a science fiction novel that appears to ask the questions:

Reading this against the background of Brexit is surreal.  I have no idea where this book is going, and I have no idea where the world is going.  In a few hours the financial markets will reopen and I have no idea what they will do.  All I can do is read on and see.


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Date:June 30th, 2016 02:48 am (UTC)
And that description was enough to motivate me to place a hold on it at the library; >10:1 holds:copies, so it'll be a while before I get to read it, I'm sure, but still...
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Date:July 13th, 2016 11:20 am (UTC)
I finished the book last night. I'd continue to recommend it. It's a difficult, challenging read, but I think it's rewarding. My only caution is that it's only the first half of the story. There will be a sequel, but I'm not sure how long we'll have to wait for that.

It may make a little more sense with some background in Voltaire and de Sade. So there's a nudge for me to go read more classics :).
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