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Gravity's Rainbow still sits untouched.  Right now I'm reading… - delta_november

May. 2nd, 2007

07:35 pm

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Gravity's Rainbow still sits untouched.  Right now I'm reading something very slightly lighter, and have run across some quotes worth recording:

"It never occurred to him that the reserve he met in Bedap and Tirin might be a response; that his gentle but already formidably hermetic character might form its own ambience, which only great strength, or great devotion, could withstand."
-- LeGuin, Ursula K., The Dispossessed, p 45, Avon, 1975.

"The night before he left for Abbenay his fellow students gave a party for him.  Parties were frequent, on slight pretexts, but Shevek was surprised by the energy that went into this one, and wondered why it was such a fine one.  Uninfluenced by others, he never knew he influenced them; he had no idea they liked him."
-- Ibid, p 47.

I have days when I empathize with the character Shevek.  I particularly understand that someone might have to have great strength or devotion to be my friend.