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Still alive - delta_november

Feb. 15th, 2006

11:16 pm - Still alive

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Day two of purgatory, and I'm still kicking. I'm actually keeping a detailed electronic journal of day-to-day activities, but sadly that can't be shared with the public. All I can give here are general impressions.

Work here is grueling. I'm putting in about 14 hours on-site a day. There's a large compressor right next to where I'm working, so earplugs are required the whole day. Coming home and unwinding in the evening involves sitting down with a pocket knife and removing a handful of metal splinters from my fingers. With that, and a few sundry burns, my career as a hand model is in serious jeopardy :).

Still, there are a few upsides. We went out for an extremely nice dinner tonight. I've always been a big swordfish fan. The weather is warm, the mountains are pretty, and you can drink the water.

I've been isolated from the worst of Vegas. North Las Vegas is just another American town, except that there are Video Poker terminals in every corner. And neon signs advertise "Fat Burger" without trace of irony...